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    CNC prototype model classification

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    Speaking of prototype models, designers must be familiar with it! After all, for designers, in the process of product design, 80% of the cost is controlled at this stage, and the prototype plays a very important role in the process of product design positioning, cost control, production and sales, and quality inspection.

    Prototype models are classified according to the technical means of production, which can include hand-made prototypes and CNC prototypes:

    1. According to the technical means of CNC prototype model, it can include hand-made prototype model and CNC prototype model.

    (1) Hand-made prototype model: The first task is to be successfully completed by hand.

    (2) Numerical control prototype model: its primary task is successfully completed by a numerically controlled machine tool, and depending on the machine and equipment used, it can also include laser beam rapid extrusion (RP, RapidPrototyping) prototypes and CNC machining centers (CNC) Prototype model.

    The uniqueness of the RP prototype model is highlighted in its high frequency, but it is mainly extruded using new technology of stacking, so that the RP prototype model is usually relatively rough, and the thickness of the goods must be standardized. , For example, if the thickness is too thin, it can not be produced and processed.

    The uniqueness of the CNC prototype model is highlighted in that it can accurately reflect the information expressed in the engineering drawings, and the CNC prototype model has high process performance, especially after successfully completing the surface layer electrostatic spraying and screen printing ink, it is even better than opening the mold. The products processed after production still need to be radiant. Therefore, CNC prototype model manufacturing is increasingly regarded as the main product of the prototype manufacturing industry.

    2. The CNC prototype model is divided according to the materials used

    According to the materials used in the production, the prototype model can include plastic material prototype, silicone rubber prototype, metal product prototype, and dirt prototype:

    1. Prototype models of metal products: The products are made of aluminum alloy and other metal materials, mainly for some high- and mid-range goods, such as desktop computers, high-end single players, online listening card speakers, CD players, etc. .

    2. Plastic material prototype model: The material is plastic material, mainly the prototype model of certain injection products, such as LCD TVs, computer screens, telephone bases and so on.

    Third, according to the CNC prototype model hierarchy

    Complete the actual effect as required, including external prototypes, structural design prototypes, and functional module prototypes:

    1. Functional module prototype model: The specification requires the completion of the basic external, structural design and functional modules that are similar to the real goods. It can be correctly understood as the product to be launched. It is the type of prototype with the highest specification requirements and the highest degree of difficulty. model.

    2. Structural design prototype model: It is first necessary to check the structural design efficiency of the goods, and the requirements for size specifications are relatively high, and the requirements for external specifications are relatively low. Foreign countries have very strict requirements for this type of specification.




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