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    The difference between CNC prototype processing and mold processing

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    Prototype refers to making manual models
    Generally, plastic rods are used for processing on machine tools or machining centers, or they are made by hand in a form similar to casting, and cannot be mass-produced. The opening of the mold means that the mold is processed first, and then the product is mass-produced by injection molding or blow molding. Generally, first confirm the shape to the customer with the hand mold, and then open the mold for mass production.
    The product data processed by CNC molds should be more accurate, the cost should be relatively high, and the delivery time should be long, which is suitable for mass production. The prototype processed by CNC prototype can intuitively show the appearance design of the product; check the rationality of the structure and function; the reference object of mold design can avoid the risk of mold repair and modification; take the CNC prototype model to lead the market and shorten the development cycle; That is, the data is slightly worse than the mold product.
    The tools are different: the product processing is generally milling plane drilling and tapping, etc., and the mold is processing cavity copper work, etc.
    Different programs: product processing programs are generally simple, manual programming is generally sufficient, mold programs are very long, and computer programming is required
    The transmission method is different: the product processing program is usually programmed directly on the side of the machine tool, and the mold program is compiled by the computer and transmitted to the machine tool through the R232 CF card LAN, etc.
    The processing time is different: the product processing time is very short, a few seconds for some individual products, and the mold processing time is very long, and some take a few days to process one.




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